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Clinical Reasoning: Elevate Your Therapeutic Approach

Master the art of functional therapy planning for orthopaedic and neurological patients. Gain a solid understanding of the basic structure of the patient interview. Learn to perform basic neurological examinations, differentiate between upper and lower motor neuron damage, examine deep sensation, and clarify the compensatory mechanisms of deep sensation. This knowledge will enable you to provide more effective and personalized therapeutic interventions, thereby improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Pain Management: Harness the Power of PNF

Dive into the basics of pain neurophysiology and the latest findings on the causes of chronic pain. Understand the mechanism of mirror therapy and how the PNF method facilitates pain management. With this knowledge, you'll be equipped to provide innovative and effective pain relief strategies to improve your patients' quality of life.

Functional Gait Analysis: Enhance Your Clinical Practice

Learn to perform gait analysis based on functional patterns, a method that translates directly into clinical practice. Understand how to analyze your patient's gait from a holistic perspective, focusing on the details that matter. Learn to prioritize in therapy so that you can maximize your therapeutic session time. Say goodbye to ineffective practices and embrace a more efficient and effective approach to physical therapy.

Cervical and Lumbar Spine: Master PNF Techniques for Spinal Instability

We'll delve into the topic of cervical and lumbar spine instability and help you understand the most common consequences of "whiplash" injuries. Learn how to identify "red flags" in patient interviews and discover how to use PNF methods to address cervical and lumbar problems. We'll show you how to address these issues at both the structural and activity levels, giving you the skills to provide comprehensive and effective care to your patients.

Upper Limb Post-Stroke: Leverage PNF for Effective Rehabilitation

One of the most promising and scientifically documented methods of upper extremity therapy after stroke is forced use. However, this approach requires the patient to be able to perform voluntary movements from the outset, which disqualifies a significant portion of the stroke population. In our newsletter, you'll learn how to use the principles of forced use and the PNF method to effectively manage upper extremity therapy after a stroke and open new avenues for patient recovery.

About Damian Kapturski D.O. MSc, PT - IPNFA Instructor

 In addition to being an osteopath and physical therapist, I'm also a certified McKenzie MDT® therapist, a Maitland® manual therapist, and a Cyriax Orthopaedic Medicine therapist. Each of these roles has given me a unique perspective on the treatment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders.

Damian Kapturski MSc., PT, D.O., IPNFA Instructor

My journey to knowledge hasn't always been a straight line. Over the years, I've found that some of the information I acquired during my extensive training needed to be updated in light of current research and clinical practice. This experience has taught me the importance of humility in the face of science and the understanding that the process of learning never ends.

Since 2004 I've been actively involved in training and promoting the PNF approach. I've completed an internship at the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center (KFRC), Vallejo, CA, USA and obtained my International PNF Concept Therapist Certificate. Since then I've been an assistant in PNF training courses under the auspices of the International PNF Association (IPNFA), and since 2015 I've been an instructor of basic PNF concept training courses. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

Damian Kapturski

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